Depreciation Reports




We believe it is of paramount importance that depreciation reports are done as accurately as possible. The review of the building should consider not only the typical lifespan of elements, but also the current condition.  


HammerHead's extensive background in building envelope engineering ensures a realistic representation of all site elements.


Our scope of services includes:

  • Review of existing drawings, reports, assessments and construction documents.

  • On-site visual review of the following common property items (as applicable

    • Structure

    • Common areas (hallways, shared rooms, common mailboxes etc.)

    • Walls and cladding 

    • Elevator and stairways 

    • Windows and doors

    • Parkade

    • Balcony / deck assemblies and railings

    • Parking areas and roadways

    • Roofs

    • Hard and soft landscaping

    • Plumbing (supply and waste)

    • Perimeter drainage

    • Electrical systems

    • Retaining walls

    • HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) systems

    • Fences

    • Fire protection systems

    • Irrigation

    • Security systems

  • Gather the above information to create a physical inventory of common property elements and assets.

  • Prepare a forecast of expenditures including maintenance, repairs and replacements of all items within the inventory over the next 30 years.

  • Prepare three funding models demonstrating different approaches to raising funds to pay for the expenditures.

  • Provide a draft review of the report to the Strata for discussion and review.

  • Attend meetings as necessary with the Strata to discuss the draft report.





Engineering firm style consulting and reporting without the costs associated with engineering firms. 

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