Warranty Review



Warranty review for purposes of submitting to your warranty provider prior to expiration of:

  • 12 month warranty on all construction labour and materials

  • 15 month warranty for Strata common property

  • 2 year warranty for utilities / services (electrical / plumbing / HVAC / etc.)

  • 5 year warranty for building envelope

Summary of Qualifications


  • $2M Certified General Liability Insurance

  • $2M Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Registered professional as an Applied Science Technologist with ASTTBC

  • 18 years’ experience and education in building envelope engineering (15 years), on site window testing, construction consulting, building design, home inspection (including strata and commercial), depreciation report writing and roof inspection.

  • 1000’s of inspections conducted during all aspects of construction in multi-family wood frame condominiums, townhouses, concrete / steel high rise and single family homes.



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