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Home Inspection Reports


Report Part 1: Verbal


The first part of HHIS’s reporting, is a verbal summary of all of the findings in the report, immediately after the inspection. The inspector will show photos of all items to the client, and if requested, show the client first hand, the major repair and safety items. In the case that a client cannot be present, a summary can be given over the phone. All problematic areas, potential concerns and most importantly, safety and major repair items (which may be costly to the new homeowner) will be discussed in detail to the homeowner. The inspector will also answer any questions the client may have.



Report Part 2: Written


A customized written report will be given to the client within 24 hours after the inspection (or 48 hours in cases where the inspection is extensive), and will include descriptions and photos of all safety concerns, major repair items, problematic areas, potential concerns and other useful information. Because each home is different, every report is written specific to the home (a standard checklist type report is not used). The report is a valuable tool for the homeowner to use to negotiate their price, schedule repair and maintenance to their home, and be informed of important and potential problems in their home.


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Depreciation Reports


Because of HammerHead's extensive engineering background, we feel that depreciation reports should focus on the condition of site elements in addition to typical lifespans. In our experience, depreciation reports vary drastically throughout the industry and in some cases, little or no emphasis on the current condition of site elements is given. Given that the perceived value of the property (by potential buyers or sellers) can be influenced by depreciation reports, we feel that accuracy is of upmost importance.


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