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Why HammerHead?

Home inspectors in British Columbia are a dime a dozen and everyone's heard a horror story or two that gives home inspectors a bad reputation... and for good reason. The requirement to get a home inspector's license, at least in our opinion, is set to a bar that's too low. Let's compare to other professions: Licensed Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters and Auto Mechanics require a 4 year apprenticeship. Comparing that to a home inspector - someone who should have a thorough understanding of all components in a home (structure, foundation, drainage, building envelope, electrical, HVAC, ventilation, roofing, plumbing, energy efficiency, safety etc....) -  it only takes 7 weeks*. Talk about a false sense of security. The term "licensed" should not be confused with "professional".

*Total hours for zero experience to fully licesned if assuming 40 hours per week

Introducing Nik Tanaka - Your Inspector -


Nik Tanaka is HammerHead's founder and your home inspector. His 14 years of education and experience in Engineering, construction, inspecting, consulting and home design sets him apart from the pack. 

Nik commits to going above and beyond what is required per the mandated guidelines in the ASTTBC-PI Contract and Standards of Inspection. The company philosophy is to treat each client as if they are a member of the inspector’s own family.


HammerHead Inspection Services is a member of the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia –



Experience / Credentials



  • Extensive engineering background in global engineering firms, as a building envelope consultant. 

  • Over 1000 inspections performed during all aspects of construction.

  • Over 14 years of experience and education as a building envelope consultant, house designer and inspector.

  • Note that up to 90% (and most costly) of problems found in homes are related to building envelope.

  • Registered as an AScT (Applied Science Technologist; the highest designation by ASTT) in addition to the requirement of CHI designation (also with ASTT) for home inspectors.

  • HammerHead Inspection Services is registered with Consumer Protection BC, and is fully insured and licensed.


DEMAND more from your home inspector.

BC Home Inspectors

Certified Home Inspector

Licensed with Consumer Protection BC


Engineering background (14+ years Building Science) 

Registered Professional (AScT) with ASTT (the highest standard): Stamp and signature on all reports

Infrared Camera Thermography

Over 1000 inspections performed during all aspects of construction

Narrative report including photos (not just a checklist)

Insurance specific section in each report

Leaky condo expert

Inspection of Strata common areas including the roof and common utilities (upon Strata approval)

Review of all engineering and depreciation reports included with every inspection

Once a client, always a client. Outstanding service during the entire length of property ownership

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