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COVID-19 notice

We are open and operating during these challenging times.

What We'll be Doing
HammmerHead Inspection Services will be taking necessary precautions for the health and safety of all involved including the clients, home owners, Realtors and ourselves. The mandates we follow will be in line with current regulations and recommendations.

Request to Our Clients

We request that face-to-face contact be limited as much as possible. Only those who are listed on the purchase agreement should attend the property walk-through, at the end of inspection. Alternatively (and on the same day as the inspection), a phone conversation can be arranged once the report (which will contain photos of all deficiencies) has been sent and is in front of you at your computer.

Request to the Current Occupants

The current owners / occupants of the property are requested to vacate the property during the inspection and walk-through.

To All

We request that any persons with symptoms or who may be considered high-risk, not attend the property during the inspection or walk-through, for any reason. We understand that some of the above requests can be difficult; however, they are made to protect you, your family and the families of all involved.


I wish health, happiness and strength to you and your family during these challenging times.

- Nik Tanaka (owner)

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