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Spring Checklist

18 points for maintaining the Value of your Home:   This is your biggest investment. Don't neglect it

Inside the home

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Check expiry date of the detector and replace as needed

  • Replace batteries

  • Push the test button


Exhaust Fans (bathroom and kitchen)

  • Vacuum bathroom ceiling fan grills

  • Remove range hood grill and clean with soap and water (to remove grease)

  • Check for suction once cleaned (use a tissue)



  • Vacuum the Freon tubes (at the back)


Furnace and HRV units

  • Replace the air filters with new


All Gas Appliances

  • Have serviced by a licensed gas fitter

  • Include furnace, stove, gas fireplace, hot water tank, boiler etc.


Hot water tank

  • Flush sediment

  • Replace anode rod (every 4 years)



  • Check for signs of leaks, staining (condensation) and rodents

  • Verify kitchen and bathroom exhaust vents are continuous to the outside


Air Conditioning

  • Have your system serviced by a licensed HVAC technician


Fire Extinguishers

  • Check expiry

  • Check gauge for pressure



Balcony / Deck

  • Clean and inspect for holes in membrane, especially at the seams


Exterior Sealant         

  • Look for signs of at all wall penetrations, windows, doors, trims, and any transitions

  • Replace as required


Exterior drainage

  • Look for signs of sinking or ponding against the building wall



  • Re-paint where cracked or worn away



  • Check for signs of damaged shingles and flashings

  • Look for signs of moss growth

  • Check around skylights from the interior and exterior



  • Clean (especially where trees are close by)

  • Flush downspouts


Window Wells

  • Clean out any debris


Dryer vents

  • Check for freely moving flap

  • Clean ducts


Sump Pump

  • Check for function

Intake and Exhaust 

  • Clean exhaust and intake duct grills

  • Clean and check that dryer vent louvers move freely

HammerHead Inspection Services

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