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Protect your family during a coronavirus quarantine

The current pandemic of #coronavirus aka #COVID19, the virus itself isn't the only danger around. While #selfisolating / #quarantine / #socialdistancing, we will all be spending more time at home. There are a few quick and easy things to make sure the people in your home are protected.

Check your smoke alarms

Check the expiry sticker. If there isn't one or if it looks like the pic below, it's probably expired. Even if it makes noise when you press the button, doesn't mean it will sound when it senses smoke at the threshold it was designed for. If it's not expired, test it: simply press the test button (you may need to hold the button for a couple of seconds).

Note there should be one on each floor level, just outside bedrooms (and newer code standards require one in each bedroom as well).

Does your smoke detector look like this? Time to replace it.

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

Some ceiling mounted smoke detectors are dual purpose (meaning they detect smoke and carbon monoxide). Look closely at the detector itself. If it says "smoke / carbon monoxide" or "smoke / CO", then it's the proper type. To test it, simply press the test button (you may need to hold the button for a couple of seconds).

How do I know if I need a carbon monoxide (CO) detector?

If you have any gas or fuel fired appliances in the home, you should have at least one CO detectors on each level of the home (and just outside bedrooms). Also, if you have a garage.

Some common gas fire appliances are:

- Furnace

- Boiler

- Hot water tank (non-electric)

- Gas fireplace

- Gas range

Wall mounted vs ceiling?

If you only have a smoke alarm, it is acceptable to use a wall mounted type CO detector. Just make sure it works when tested and it's not expired.

Wall mounted CO detectors are acceptable

Looking for more stuff to do around the house during the quarantine?

Check out our Spring Checklist.

Stay home and stay safe!!

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